Question for the high arbiters of what is or is not gentrification: Is Big Ass Sandwiches the victim of gentrification, the Lebanese restaurant, or both? (And is Big Ass Sandwiches both a victim and a perpetrator?) Please reply soon, I need someone to tell me where to direct my outrage.
What's great is that was a decent deli not seven years ago, maybe nine. So it's a return to form.
The Lebanese restaurant is hardly the victim of gentrification. It had been there for maybe 2 years, replacing another middle eastern restaurant that also went out of business. Have you ever been to 57th and Glisan? There's nothing there to gentrify. It's some houses filled with mostly middle class white people, a big apartment complex mostly catering to old people, and a massive freeway. Do you know what gentrification is?
Perhaps you are unaware of the many immigrant and low-income families that live in the 8-10 block radius of 60th and Glisan, including affordable housing complexes (both the lower-case "a"-affordable and the Capital-A variety). But glad to know you've chosen a side.
I'm not outraged at all. It was deep sarcasm. Usually stories such as the one above, posted on the Mercury, are accompanied by cries of "gentrification" (seldom defined) aimed in one direction or another. Sometimes by the author, often by commenters. In this case, there were all the hallmarks: Food cart closed by development, food cart moves into space formerly occupied by ethnic restaurant(s). In an odd way the "gentrifi-ee" became the "gentrify-er". My larger criticism (of the current state of stories in this publication) is that what is gentrification often has more to do with the author gaining or losing something he/she likes, rather than any useful working definition of the term.
Well Bob, I may be the only one, but I actually DID get your point.

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