For the third year running, Burger Week brings you limited edition, $5 burgers from your favorite Portland bars and restaurants, for one week only! This year the promotion will run Aug 10-16, giving you just one week to try as many burgers as you can from over 30 participating establishments! To get you prepared, we'll be previewing each Burger Week burger over the next couple weeks so that you can prioritize your game plan.


THE BURGER: Kimchi Master


Photo by Heather Arndt Anderson

THE MOUTHWATERING DETAILS: God I want to steal that S&M joke from the Guardian’s review of the Egg Master, but instead I’ll make a predictable Marc Singer reference. That said, Slowbar’s Kimchi Master burger is no joke! It’s a nice, thick beef patty topped with kimchi (mixed with chopped kale so the heat/garlic/lactofunk doesn’t beat you over the head), nestled lovingly on a swath of Jujitsu Mayonnaise—Slowbar’s homemade mayo punched up with just the right amount of wasabi. Bonus: this one’s cheese-free, for those who can’t hang with the dairy.

Once again, the Portland Mercury would like to thank our generous partners, world-class meat provider Nicky USA, Widmer Brothers Brewing, and Jim Beam!

Important reminder: THESE BURGERS WILL SELL OUT. Last year’s restaurants had one main issue with the event last year, and that was people getting angry and rude when they found out that they are part of a reality where restaurants that are getting slammed run out of food. We have better forecasting numbers this year, but please: go early, be kind, get a drink, and, most importantly, remember that a $5 burger is a privilege, not a right. Don’t ruin it for everyone! Please be kind and respectful, exercise the golden rule, and treat our restaurants the way you want to be treated (unless you’re a masochist).