Food and Drink Dec 16, 2015 at 4:00 pm

The Song of the Southwest in Southwest Portland


You need to carve many parts of New Mexico out of your smug-assed attempt at blowing off the Southwest. With uninformed snobbery like that, we can all assume that you don't know your ass from your elbow when it comes to anything related to the food from those parts and should read your review with a grain of salt.
LOL I'm wearing a sombrero and drinking Tecate!!
Frybread is far from a rarity in the Northwest- at least with us Natives. I make it for my friends all the time. It's meant to be made and shared, is sold at powwows locally and isn't uniquely Southwestern at all- I'm Lakota and my recipe is straight out of the prairies. The variations across the U.S. are many and they are all tasty. If you've never had it before and are curious, make some new Native friends. There's plenty of us around if you pay attention. And of course, mine's the best.
I'm Portland born and raised. I'm also Salish Kootenai and have had fry bread my entire life. Learned to make it at a young age. Educate yourself, also hipsters need to stop trying to take old things and claim them as new and trendy like "bone broth". Jesus. Stop moving to Portland!
I guess Aaron & Jessica Grimmer have done Columbused frybread!

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