BRACE YOURSELF, PORTLAND. Here comes Pizza Week.

Proudly presented by the Portland Mercury and Widmer Brothers Brewing, Pizza Week is about to take over our fine city—with Portland's favorite pizzerias offering special, one-of-a-kind slices for only $2 each! We've got Sizzle Pie! We've got Roman Candle! We've got Hot Lips! We've got Atlas and Bella Faccia and Blackbird and Good Neighbor and Straight from New York! And a ton more! At each of those glorious pizzerias, you'll find $2 specialty slices you can't get anywhere else, served right into your pizza-loving mouth. From here on out, April 18-24th shall be known as the greatest week of your life.

Something as magnificent as Pizza Week is sure to be the kind of life-altering, continent-shattering event that your grandchildren will sing songs of. In order to make sure those songs are as joyous as possible, let's all keep a few things in mind.

They're Gonna Run Out!

We've been here before, Portland, with the Mercury's beloved Burger Week. This is just like that, but with pizza—which means that while Portland's proud pizza purveyors will be doing everything they can to quell your riotous demand for pizza, there are only so many pies they can make. So if a place happens to run out of slices by the time you get there? Be cool. Come back tomorrow! It's Pizza Week, not Pizza Day.

Everybody Loves Pizza!

Everybody. So there'll be lines, and there'll be waits. But here's the beautiful thing about Pizza Week: We'll all be there because we all love pizza. So don't think of it as a line. Don't think of it as a wait. Think of it as a chance to meet your new pizza BFF. Or... maybe... just maybe... your pizza soulmate??!?!


Okay, you cheap bastards: You're getting a one-of-a-kind, one-time-only, special-made-just-for-Pizza Week slice for TWO GODDAMN MEASLY DOLLARS! And the people making them? They're working their asses off so that you can experience the magnificent glory of Pizza Week. So: Should you tip? Yes. Should you tip well? YES.

Have a Beer!

You know what goes great with pizza? Beer. (Just ask Pizza Week sponsor Widmer Brothers Brewing, who make some of the best beer on the planet.) And you know what else goes great with pizza? Everything. In addition to those $2 slices, all Pizza Week locations will also offer all kinds of sides and drinks, so make a meal out of it.


At, you'll find Pizza Week's Facebook page, where you can find up-to-the-second details about which slices are going fast, which slices are the underdog favorites, and which slices are making people lose their minds. And if you've got any spare time during Pizza Week when you aren't cramming pizza into your face, help out your fellow Pizza Week adventurers: Hop onto Twitter and Instagram and use #portlandpizzaweek to see and post Pizza Week tips and pics. Pizza Week already promises to be perfect. Together, we can make it into something even more perfect.

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