E+D Spring 2016

E+D Spring 2016

E+D Spring 2016

Behind the Scenes at the Pine Street Market

An Exclusive Preview of the Downtown Food Hall We've Been Pining For

Wayfinder Beer Finds Its Way

The Brewpub Will Emphasize Delicate Lagers and Great Food

The Way We Were

The Ghosts of Portland Restaurants Past

The REAL Division Street

Treasures of East Portland on Stark, Division, and Beyond

Battle of the Super-Foods

Marvel vs. DC in a Battle of Retro Superhero Cookbooks

WELCOME TO E+D, the Portland Mercury's brand-new guide to local eating and drinking! This city has so many great things to put in your mouth that we can't fit all of them in the pages of our weekly newspaper. Hence, the very first issue of this special E+D seasonal supplement, which marks an exciting evolution from the Mercury's past "Eat and Drink" guides. Rather than acting as a catch-all directory (for that, check out our restaurant and bar listings, where we've got enough info to last you a lifetime), E+D takes a broader—and, simultaneously, closer—look at the cuisine and booze that's made Portland a destination for eaters and drinkers the world over.

As great as those tourists are, E+D is largely intended for locals—meaning you—and we've taken a closer look at some cool new places that are going to change the local landscape, both food- and drink-wise. The Pine Street Market will have opened its doors by the time you read this, while Wayfinder Beer is still a few weeks out—but in both cases we've got exclusive previews of what's to come.

We also took a look back at restaurants past, found some gems in East Portland, entered the superhero debate via the medium of children's cookbooks, and lots more. It's a great time to eat and drink in Portland. E+D is here to help you make the most of it.