Stalwart bastion against gentrification? Ha! Sorry, no - it was one of the beach heads of gentrification! White privilege.
Upvote #1. These people think "gentrification" means richer white people moving in, not the original gentrification where they moved to the neighborhood and displaced the previous minority communities.

The Know has been there since, what, 2005? LOL. None of these people would have walked down Alberta at night in the late '80s/early '90s.
Nice, A proper size venue, and kitchen is definitely something I can get behind for this place. I enjoyed it, but it was always a bit too small for me when The Alleyway was just down the street with legit food, space, and patio.
A new venue where faux rebel corporate kiddies can continue to blacken their lungs and deafen their ears. Good riddance from Alberta, at any rate, my sympathies for the Laurelhurst neighbors.
What about Don Pancho's? have they found a new location?

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