The Last Best Summer Ever

The Last Best Summer Ever

A Guide to Going Freaking Nuts During this Last Summer Under Trump

Apocalyptic Patios

The Best Summertime Rooftops for Mushroom Cloud Viewing

Gimmee Shelter

Sharon “The Afrovivalist” Ross is Prepared for the Worst. Why Aren’t You?

Last Supper’s Last Supper

The Most Decadent Shit to Eat This Summer Since We’re All Going to Die Anyway

Waterslide Hacks for Adults

Why Should Kids Get to Have All the Fun?

Keeping Cool with Booze

How to Eat, Slurp, and Lick your Alcohol

Is That Skin Cancer, or Just a Bug?

The Helpful ABCDEs (and Less Helpful LMNOPs) of Checking Yourself Out

Hiking Highway 26

The Freeways Are Only Getting Worse. Time to Find Another Way Out of Town

Corn Doggy Style

A Comprehensive Corn Dog Power Ranking

In Praise of the Summertime Shame Drink

The Time Has Come for Pleasurable Consumption Without Apology

Portland Finally Has a Mountain Bike Park

It’s Sandwiched Between Two Freeways, and It’s Probably Just the Beginning

Comics Artist, Cyclist, Activist

Eleanor Davis Took a Bike Ride That Awakened Her to Injustice.

I think we can all agree that having Donald Trump as president has endangered the lives of most Americans (some more than others). But even worse, he has sucked much of the fun out of daily life, keeping us glued to our news feeds and riding a near-constant emotional roller coaster of fear, exuberance, and loathing. It ain’t right. And while the news of a special counsel being appointed to investigate Trump is certainly welcome information, rest assured it will take some time to arrive at a suitable conclusion, and the president and his sniveling GOP cronies will continue making life as miserable as possible for the rest of us over the coming months.


Summer is almost here, and we at the Mercury will be damned if Trump is going to ruin our good time. That’s why we’re living this summer as if it’s our last, and offering tons of advice so you can do the same! In this issue you’ll learn about the most scenic rooftops (from which to view the coming mushroom cloud), one of Oregon’s most prepared survivalists (who also happens to be Black), and if that mark on your arm is skin cancer or just an ant. BUT there’s lots of uplifting and fun stuff as well, such as the best summer music festivals, frozen alcoholic treats, water slides, and corn dogs! You’ll also find this year’s Pedalpalooza guide tucked within these pages, and not even Trump can ruin that level of crazy fun!

So go ahead and get started with the Mercury’s Last Best Summer Ever guide... because you only live once, right?