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I like manifestoes. You don’t get too many of them these days, especially in the wine world. There was a Californian organization called "In Pursuit of Balance" that had their "manifesto of balance," which basically concerned wines that had subtlety and grace—things generally not in abundance around Napa. But now, Oregon winemakers have a manifesto too! Kind of.

"Evolution, metamorphosis, vanguard, new epoch, version 3," begins the declaration of Oregon Now, a group of 28 "artisan scale" winemakers, which certainly sounds like a manifesto. Oregon Now is also dedicated to natural and minimalist methods, are happy to resurrect traditional techniques, and are influenced by European regions. Not much to argue with there.

In truth, these producers are making some of the most exciting and unique wines in Oregon (although representation from southern and Eastern Oregon is er, a little thin). The good news is you can get to try them under one roof—this Monday, the likes of Fausee Piste, Fossil & Fawn, Day Wines, Holden, Minimus, Omero, Ovum, and Jackalope will be pouring their brilliant, non-conformist and sometimes strange wines. Go see what the revolution tastes like.

Oregon Now Wine Fair, Mon Aug 7, 5 pm, 525 SE Pine, $45-55,