Splitting checks can be a virtual nightmare for a server who has a large party and other tables to attend to. I like Chad's column but he greatly understated the amount of time a clusterfuck like this can take when he said 16 checks would take at least 20 minutes, AND CUSTOMERS NEED TO KNOW THIS:

The actual time it takes to separate everyone's orders and drinks, print out, separate and distribute 16 checks, and then collect them all back (when the customer is good and ready) and take them to the credit card machine and run every single card as well as make change for cash payments, all while keeping track of whose credit card is whose and who is paying cash and needs change, and then go back and individually distribute them to everybody can literally ruin your whole night. Inevitably the people in the large party will feel like this is taking forever and probably tip less for the inconvenience, and the server will either lose out on other tables or fail to properly serve their other tables (again losing tips!), and the other staff will almost certainly suffer for the collapse in service that ensues. Especially if God forbid the server puts the wrong iced tea on the wrong check or some other similar mishap and has to go back and reprint everything. I have personally witnessed something like this taking the better part of an hour. The sad part is if restaurants weren't so stingy with their labor costs they would never have stopped paying a cashier to stand there and take money, which would save all their servers and customers thousands of hours per year.

So for the love of God if you have a large party and everyone wants to pay separately, just bring cash in denominations that are conducive to paying for your own purchases (and leaving a well-deserved tip).
This is why you auto-grat big tables. Fuck 'em if they complain,
If they don't want to take my money, then there are many other places that will. Fuck all these self entitled restaurant columns.
Nope, Demondog. Just nope. You're the entitled one here.

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