This is actually across the street from the main food cart pod that has far more carts and takes up the entire block. This building is only replacing the few carts in the smaller lot across from the larger one.
It may be a bigger project that that... According to that rendering from the developer, they're also planning to replace the Streetcar with a Max line...
And what are the food cart pods always replaced by? Projects like this. No one should act like food cart pods are permanent. They're placeholders.
Are we supposed to know wtf a "lifestyle hotel" is?
@Euphonius: If you don't already know what a lifestyle hotel is, you probably can't afford to stay at one. Seriously though... great comment. My sentiments exactly! WTF indeed.
Food carts were always intended to be temporary, not least of which by the very language in the original Portland regulation of food carts back when they started to become a thing. Unbelievable that people are even surprised by this.
Ugh such a capitalist idea, pays no regards to alcoholics in recovery, what a money-hungry way to entice people to drink who would normally not go to the bar or would think of something better to do with their vacation time. We dont need more hotels, anyways, we need more apartments, places to allow the homeless a second chance at living.
Food carts were a stopgap measure for property owners during the recession. No one disputes this. What's in dispute is the city's need for the number of hotels currently being built. The business community may say there's a need, but this is a market where the low season stretches almost seven months out of the year. I'm surprised that the Heathman, Benson and others aren't screaming bloody murder about having to let rooms go for $80 apiece come January and February.
This also ignores the fact that, for almost the last year, rent prices have been coming down as more buildings come online. There are developers on Belmont who are already nervous that they won't be able to fill apartments at the rent price they'd estimated. A fairly new building on Chavez is already offering tenants additional amenities for free just to extend their leases. Portland's about to see several bubbles burst all at once.
So what exactly is wrong with cheaper hotel rooms and cheaper rents, Doug Fer? That's kind of why most of us have been pushing for building more housing supply to meet the demand.
RE: " concierge-bartender will offer them complimentary drinks after a long flight."
1) what perks are there for non boozers?
2) long flights?... did not know all tourists are from Asia, Australia & Europe. Silly to think anyone from USA would visit!
3) sure the business crowd will love free booze to kick off the meetings,
4) what about giving the food cart vendors a real lobby space to cook in???? As you are displacing them, why not help instead of push them out of work?

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