Everyone was rightly sad when the owners of The Big Egg decided to call it a day last February when the owners decided to shutter their still fairly new brick-and-mortar breakfast joint after almost a decade in the breakfast sandwich food game.

But the space will soon see new life when Kargi Gogo, the once-shuttered Georgian food cart, steps once more into the light sometime this summer.

“Georgian hospitality is legendary and we want people to experience that same sense of abundance and warmth when they come to Kargi Gogo,” says owner Sean Fredericks. “We want them to feel like they're walking into a typical Georgian home for lunch or dinner, where they would find generous portions of simple dishes made with fresh seasonal ingredients.”

The plan, he says, is to focus on what made the cart such a hit before it shuttered in 2015: Think several varieties of khachapuri (Georgian cheese-stuffed flatbreads) and meat-and-mushroom-stuffed dumplings.

When it opens, Fredericks says the menu will be rounded out by the addition of eight to 10 seasonal sides and salads, including the gobi bowl, which he compares to a mezze platter which can be sampled and shared by large groups.

Fredericks also says that Kargi Gogo will showcase recurring specials, like soko ketze (mushrooms stuffed with sulguni cheese), kharcho (spicy beef & walnut stew), and chakapuli (lamb stew with tarragon and wine).

And the restaurant will feature local beers and Georgian wine: lots of Georgian wine—and solely Georgian wine.

“As far as I know, we'll be the only restaurant on the West coast doing that exclusively,” Fredericks says. “Georgia has the world's longest continuous winemaking culture—more than 8,000 years—and we want to introduce people to varietals and styles they may not have heard of yet, but we think they'll enjoy. Drinking wine in Georgia is very unpretentious, and that's the kind of environment we want to create at Kargi Gogo.”

He says that he doesn’t yet have a firm opening date, but when Kargi Gogo does open sometime this summer, it’ll offer lunch, dinner, and a discounted happy hour.

Kargi Gogo: 3039 NE Alberta