Jane Zhu

A few weeks ago, the Mercury profiled Jeremy Sivers, the owner of the new Hollywood food cart Hit the Spot known for lending a helping hand to people who serve their communities and for putting Sivers’ own personal spin on a properly built classic cheeseburger.

Now, we’ve learned that Sivers will launch a breakfast program to go along with his small but mighty burgers, fries, and ice cream menu.

On January 2, Sivers will start serving a four-item all-day breakfast menu that, again, puts his personal take on some very American breakfast classics.

Three dollars will buy you a half pound of hash browns. Four dollars will buy you a McMuffin-ish breakfast sandwich (scrambled eggs and American cheese sandwiched in an English muffin with a choice to add bacon). Five dollars will buy what Sivers is calling French Pastry Puffs (his version of French toast sticks). And if you have $7 to spare, you can buy yourself breakfast and (probably lunch) by purchasing a one-pound breakfast burrito composed of scrambled eggs, American cheese, fried potatoes, and salsa verde wrapped in a 15-inch tortilla.

Sivers says those all-day items will all be available early next year from 10 am to 7 pm, Tuesday through Sunday.

Hit the Spot: 4615 NE Sandy