Tapalayas Phorritos
Tapalaya's Phorritos Erica Perez

There’s lots of big news reported this week (tune in for tomorrow’s food & drink weekly wrap-up), but there’s also plenty of small news to report, too.

For instance, Please Louise, the Slabtown pizza parlor, will make any of their normally $17 signature pies for you for only $10 this month and through February.

Chef Anh Luu, owner of the SE 28th New Orleans-Vietnamese mashup, Tapalaya, has just reimagined her menu which now includes new dishes like edamame caviar and buttermilk fried chicken served with bourbon syrup, braised greens, and red beans and rice. The restaurant, celebrating its tenth year in business, is also transitioning from small plates to mains with two sides.

Speaking of menu changes, Delores, the newish Polish restaurant that used to be the barbecue restaurant Smokehouse Tavern, is now serving brunch-lunch from 11:30 am to 2 pm, Wednesday through Sunday and, come February, you can get that same brunch on Tuesdays, too. Say hello to a new omelette and an eggplant Reuben which will join the likes of dinner dishes like pierogis, potato pancakes, and spätzle.

Dreading Valentine’s Day yet? Well not anymore, thanks to Cathy Whims’ newish wine bar, Enoteca Nostrana, which is throwing down on the holiday from 9 to 11 pm, with $1 oysters, half-off bottles of wine post-10 pm, and music from DJ Thumper.

Finally, Portland Brewing is teaming up with the Unipiper, the inspiration for Mad Max’s flame-throwing guitarist (he’s not, but isn’t he probably though?), who’ll collaboratively unveil their new Unipiper Hazy IPA on January 25, while also trying to raise funds for the Unipiper’s new nonprofit, Weird Portland United, which “discovers, promotes, and nurtures the creators and risk-takers that Keep Portland Weird.” How do you like them apples, Austin? You don’t, because they taste like bagpipe-breathing fire and we’ve always been cooler than you, because while Alex Jones is weird, he is the wrong kind of weird.