Who cares? It would be impossible to research the political leanings or donations of every business one patronizes....especially small local shops. Why you would be surprised (and triggered) over the fact that there are two parties in this country, and a ton of people in both parties, is beyond me.


@1 Some people care and like to choose not to give their money to corporations that turn around and give it to people they feel are not good people and champion agendas they find go against their own personal values. Those who find the GOP repugnant care. As do those who boycott corporations that support liberals, because they find liberals repugnant. I will agree it is difficult to ferret out information regarding who donates to who, but there are people who care.


In-N-Out Burger is a social media and media hypebeast.

I've had In-N-Out. Frankly, there are much better burgers, fries and even tots in Portland from our small businesses.

Of course In-N-Out generates pageview ad dollars for media outlets, which are NOT locally owned.

Some would say that is search engine editorial journalism.

Also just saying, it seems like California residents are the loyalists for that business.


Most businesses donate money to candidates of both parties. Hedge the bets. You would have very few choices if you refuse to do business with donors to the GOP. But hey, you are free to do what you want, even be a hypocrite if you want.


@2 Perhaps my "who cares" was a bit misleading.....I'm not saying that people don't care about where there money is spent. That is obvious, or this "article" wouldn't have been written in the first place. All I am saying is that it is irrational and impossible to to pick where you shop based on political party donations or leanings. I guarantee you there are many small businesses in this town whose owners lean conservative, and people would have no idea. It is impossible and irrational to think you can control such things. And here, all we are talking about is a political party donation (to CA republicans no less...who are much more moderate on the whole than others) to one of two major parties that millions and millions of people belong to. This isn't a case of them taking hard stances one way or the other on some social issue. Again, it just seems odd to me to pick this as something to boycott over, when it is impossible to track or follow in your other shopping habits.


What was also pretty funny was known "progressives" like Lizzy Acker (former wweek writer, major proponent of the tortilla "appropriation" debacle a few years ago and the shuttering of the Safron Colonial restaurant) lose their crap over the opening. She was down there live tweeting from line. I guess a cheeseburger and fries is more important than sticking to your "progressive" guns!


@6 you're assuming she knows (or maybe like in your @5 she doesn't consider it a problem), or maybe she is someone who does not care (supporting your original argument). Claiming she is a hypocrite is in direct opposition to your questioning why anyone would care and/or boycott based on this in the first place. ?

I agree there is no way to know everything. I do know, however, that if/when I do know something specific that makes me want to not support a business, I do make such a decision. I would never shop at Hobby Lobby. I would never eat at Chik fil A (not hard as I don't eat at any fast food restaurants at all, so no In and Out Burger either). I would never join Curves. I would never shop at Wal*Mart. I sure as shit wouldn't spend any time or money at any Trump proerty (and I had a job once where I had to spend time in one of Trump's properties as part of my job, but I never spent any money there, because even back then all New Yorkers knew exactly what a piece of shit Trump is).

Are there are places I spend my money that probably support things that I would personally find repugnant and in direct conflict with my personal values? Of course! I am certain of it. I still believe in working to spend my limited income at businesses I feel share the same values as I do or engage in business practices I support. I don't consider it silly or a waste of time. Each to their own.



Well said. It is not about having the omniscience to make perfect choices but instead working with the best knowledge one has.

If the proverbial “mom and pop” have really bigoted views but at least have the decency to keep it under wraps from the public at large, then I have no reason to avoid them. But if they hang a big banner that says “We Dislike the Gays” then hey guess what? - they’ll get no business from me and I’ll encourage others to also avoid them.


In THE END, In-N-Out was the official burger truck of the apocalypse. Ties in perfectly well with their evangelical convictions.


Just like how I won't support the despicable Planned Parenthood.


What a pathetic, biased, and stupid article. I'm sure your readership numbers in the hundreds. Headline is a misleading, prejudicial statement. In-N-Out donated just as much to the Democrats but you try to sugarcoat that. Your idea of a boycott is beyond stupid.

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