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You should try some of the new craft non-alcoholic beers. I drink beer both with and without alcohol. These craft NA beers might fool you in a blind taste test. There are no local NA beers, but Deschutes Brewery is working on one. Some of the better NA beers are made by Athletic, Wellbeing, Partake, and Surreal. It would be fun to have a taste test.


is this a paid advertisement type article? i'm sincerely curious.


I agree on the craft NA beer. I’m a beer lover who’s not currently drinking and I’ve tried partake, athletic, well being and surreal. Total wine and more has them: I wish more bars would offer them as an alternative-most have bitburger na which is kind of bland. Athletics beers are delicious!! Partake is decent and only 10 calories. Even my friends who are still drinking proofed beers like the athletic NA. You should definitely check them out 😎

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