Bomb dot com from Angelinas Greek Gyros
Bomb dot com from Angelina's Greek Gyros Suzette Smith

There's so much talk about the problems with Portland's downtown. But I've yet to see anyone address the downtown problem that directly impacts ME. Namely, what is there to eat down there past 8 pm?

A few night owl food carts. Voodoo Doughnuts. We love them. But in the fall, downtown got a real treat: Angelia's Greek Gyros, of Saturday Market, started keeping their brick and mortar shop open late—11 pm-style late!

When I still worked in an office, Angelina's Bomb Dot Com gyro—with its 6 oz of meat, extra tzatziki sauce, feta, kalamata olives, and pepperoncini—was what I wanted to eat at the end of many a long day. But their 11 am-3 pm open hours meant that I could rarely dine upon it spontaneously. Honestly, 11 am-3 pm are the hours of a business that knows they have something good. If you want that salty snack, you'll make it your business to show up during the hours they're offering it.

I'm not a huge fan of pandemic silver linings, but lamb gyros, with all the fixins, at the bold evening hours of 10 pm is undoubtedly one.

Meat Yacht from Angelina's Greek Gyros
Meat Yacht from Angelina's Greek Gyros Suzette Smith

Angelina's brick and mortar has been holding down the corner of NW Couch and 1st since 2014, but their gyros were a valued part of Saturday Market even before that. There's something very satisfying about ordering a Meat Boat or a Meat Yacht off their menu. The names describe differing sizes of a delicious dish of seasoned, grilled meat covered in cucumbers, grape tomatoes, tzatziki sauce, onion, and mountains of lush feta.

While Angelina's to-go presentation is inviting, it's obvious that the real move is to show up and dine there, where their boats and yachts come lovingly assembled in spacious square porcelain dishes. The only problem is that there isn't much crossbreeze. Standing or sitting inside Angelina's, next to their massive grill, will make your hair and clothes smell like delicious lamb in under five minutes.

The other tip about Angelina's—which was ever a factor there—is that their gyros are the best because it takes a little while to make them. You might be looking at upwards of a 20-minute wait for one gyro. That's where online ordering and delivery come in. Why not wait in the comfort of your own home? The gyro arrives when it arrives.

Angelina's Greek Gyros, 112 NW Couch, (503) 477-5173,