The All-American Stomach

For Our Country's Sake—Stop Eating Like a Commie


Oh my gosh, you Americans are crazy. I don't eat meat but I am still tempted to try it. I was in Toronto last week and I lost 3 lbs by just eating in Canada. Of course, I didn't go and hit up fast food joints.
lame-o... I thought this was going to tell me where to find the Luther in Portland.

Wow, you must not have tried Canada's gift to the culinary arts...Fries topped with gravy (veggie gravy availible!), cheessy, cheese curds, and lastly, topped with sliced real or veggie dog. Voila! Canadien artery clogging at it's finest.
Too bad That Mulligan's has been closed for nearly a year now. Yes, I was a fan of bot the the Hamdog and the Luther, but it's all in the past.
You can get Frito Pie at Tanker on Hawthorne.

Don't know where to get a Luther though...
Christoper's on MLK has the Burger topped with two hot links. It ain't deep fried but when you are fried its heaven on earth. Keep Portland Stoned!
I am Canadian and I've never seen or heard of poutine topped with hotdogs! Ewww it must be something they do out East. I had a real eye opener (then wanted to close them!) this July 4th as I spent it in Portland and experienced the almighty hotdog eating contest! It was broadcast on TV with a pre and post show, background profiles on all the "eaters" it was sooo over the top I was actually a little bit shocked I never realized what a big deal it was, my knowledge of it consisted of 30 sec highlights and such but little did I know it was serious buisness! They even had "foam fingers" and if something warrants a foam finger then it MUST be important! Ha! I felt a little sick watching them soak hotdogs in water and jam them into their mouths and force them down their throats, the commentators even commented on "technique" LOL all of a sudden weiner topped poutine doesnt seem so bad! What do I know though? I LISTENED to fireworks that night from atop Council Crest Park and had the BEST time!