Apr 9, 2009 at 4:00 am

Can Kevin Ludwig's Much-Anticipated Bar/Restaurant Beat a Dangerous Economy?


Hells Yes! I am going to bring everybody I know here.
Fuck yeah! I can't wait to work my way into a face-tingling buzz throughout the coming months at Beaker and Flask. I had a taste of a very disappointing carrot cocktail at another place that may or may not be near 30th and Killingsworth that the mentioned carrot margarita begs to redeem.
this place isn't even open yet and i've read more kiss ass pieces about it than most restaurants that have been around for years...
seriously. if this place isn't the holy grail, it will be a huge disappointment. these guys must be friends with a lot of press in pdx... or good ass kissers.
I'm giddy with excitment. Please post the official opening when you can.
I'm really excited, but after over a year of constant write-ups, this is definitely a grail establish.
Why the free PR for this place?

6 comments. Yeah it'll do swimmingly.

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