Dinner and Drinks (Hold the Dinner)

Circa 33's Priorities Should Mirror Ours: Booze


I'm surprised you had great service. I've been there twice. Once for brunch and once for a dinner service. The service I received was incredibally forgetful both times. Long waits for simple things like coffee or water. Both times a manager or a bartender had to step in to take care of basic things for the floor staff. I'm not sure if this is the fault of under-staff or under-training, but I have absolutely no desire to go back. Especially when inner-SE is fucking chaulk-full of places with better service and better food.
Please bring back It's a Beautiful Pizza. Circa blows...
It was a disgusting pizza.
It seems like someone is always trying to open a restaurant in the inner East with overkill on thought for how to wow customers when all you have to do is serve better than average comfort food for a median price and decent service (think F.o.t. Mntn) for the working class.