Now We're Cooking... with Pot!

And We Don't Mean Enameled Dutch Ovens


Yeah that'd be great but I'm not in enuf pain or whatever to qualify for the medical stuff and otherwise have been unable to get the main ingredient ever since I got back a year ago... ah well.
Hmmm . . . I thought the cannabis had to simmered in butter or oil to transfer the thc into a carrier that digestive system could more easily absorb. So the pot butter recipe makes sense, but I'm wondering if the recipes that have straight marijuana in them are going to be less potent because the body can't absorb the thc directly as easily . . . but I may be wrong on this.
Crock pots are pretty handy to make butter/oil with - just dump the proper ratio of butter to herb in there, set it on low for a few hours and bam! Makes the home a bit pungent though.
Pot butter &rice crispy treats is the BOMB.easy to make & well,figuring out the size of the treat (in more ways than 1) is 1/2 the fun
I am new to this medication and found it helps much better than the Oxicontin and Vicoden cocktail the doctor has me taking. Problem is the legality of it, in my state under an ounce is just a fine, and slap on the wrist. Anyone got info on how to get involved in the fight to make it available federally so those of us in extreme pain can use it for relief? I will check back daily. And thanks in advance to anyone with ideas to share.
golanv, try NORML "National organization to reform marijuana laws"
Cosmictraveler - I agree thatI've heard the THC is best transferred to oil/fatmedium before ingestion for best effect.

Surprised to not see the ultimate lazy recipe here - brownies! Get a box of cheap brownie mix that calls for vegetable oil. Put the prescribed oil in a pan, add well-pulverized herb (coffee grinders work great for this), simmer for 15-30m. Cool oil in fridge then make the brownies according to recipe. Delicious AND nutritious.
golanv igvi- i would go to also check out the hemp revolution (its a video)-…
ok the video link is wierd, just google (video) hemp revolution
People who are lazy potheads really have major depression or interaction with antidepressants and smoke pot are already lazy and unmotivated-pot just is what they use to escape. All kinds of people smoke pot and live well structured lives-like carl sagan.
It is possible to obtain THC oil from the plant heating it with ethanol to dissolve, and once mixed, wait until the ethanol evaporates, leaving an oily residue rich in THC.

I'm lazy and used the translator, saludos cannĂ¡bicos.
Hey Golanv: Check out the organization NORML. They're always on the front lines of legalization debates.

And my question is... on the truffles, does the coffee flavor come out strong in the truffles, or is it only for texture? I really hate the flavor of coffee, and was wondering if I could just omit it, or if it is necessary for consistency?
pinkblobs: I'm not sure if you were meaning to be so mean, but I don't think people who smoke and watch 2 hours of family guy reruns are necessarily depressed and unmotivated.
Hey Katie- I didn't read your article but I'm sure it's really well written and informative. Good to see you at Fred Meyer the other day-----JFK
although thc is alcohol soluble, i dont think by boiling vodka your end result will be an alcoholic drink. id also be very hesitant to put a flammable liquid on my stove top
THC is not water soluble so it would separate from the wort it needs fat molecules to bind to.
I've had experience with pure 99% alcohol and the bud soaked for a period of time, the longer the better up till 5 months. Makes a dandy tincture and a mighty fine sleeping aide....pain relief, anti spasm,,,, anti all bad body fellings. I've got MS nd find it most helpful. the dosage is 2 or 3 drops from an eye dropper and voila..... body happy.
Awsome!! I've been saving stems and shake for a while and have wondered what to do with them and now I know!
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THC extracts in about 45 minutes. Use the ratios provided, simmer for 45 minutes and cut the cooking time way back. Butter does not respond well to being heated for that long. It will not bake properly and you run a risk of burning it.

It works fine, trust me I've been doing it this way for 15 years and it works.

Exercise, Nutrition, Rest: the three components of bodybuilding AND a healthy mind.
I love turning my mind off for a few hours to recoop after finals, or a long week at work etc.
Also, smokin' a jay then cleaning the entire house like a reverse tornado is always fun. I definitely get an energy boost from pot.
In fact it's about the only use I have for it. But isn't it crazy the complicated, emotional carnival surrounding a non issue like marijuana? In order to keep you from 'hurting yourself' with marijuana/being high we'll put you in a cell where you may be raped and/or beaten. And we'll seize all your possessions and pretty much ruin your life. How ugly and pointless is that?

Oregon isn't that progressive when it comes to this matter either:……

I mean compared to Florida, yeah but not to Ohio, Maine, Colorado or Washington, in fact not compared to almost any other state when it comes to possession of anything over an ounce.Which means most 'dealers'.
By the way, those cartoons just reinforce negative stereotypes.
Isn't there any way to run a marijuana article in the Mercury without insulting your readers who smoke?
Disappointing to say the least.

Also, please sign this petition if you haven't already:

Tax and regulate.
Soak an OUNCE in butter and then DISCARD???

You've got to be crazy or just crazy rich to waste that much weed.

May be just me, but I find the most efficient way to ingest my THC is by lighting it on fire and inhaling...
Golanv Igvyi,

i would like more info on this as well.

the holy bible, genesis 1:29:
And God said, I have give you every green herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of the whole earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
I have a hasj cookbook from 1967. it is in terrible state but I try to renew it. I will post it asap..

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Please vote YES on Oregon Measure 74.
I've done this with a home grow that I used all the leaved and stems for after the bud was gone (note to law enforcment, this was done a long time ago, entirely in international waters).

You don't need to use the water + butter method, in my opinion it is an extra step to have to let the butter cool and harden, floating on top of the water, then separate the water and butter. Just grind everything real fine, use a double boiler and add the stuff right to the butter and cook it gently for 45 minutes.

I also don't understand straining out anything but stems. Just grind up everything fine, and leave it it.

I must say, these highs last for hours and hours! If you've ever been really bowled over by some edibles, you can begin to understand that cop who did some and then called 911 saying "Time is going really slowly" and " I think we're already dead", but then again, he must have been a major lightweight.
Truly let's pass this winter in enjoyable way by gulping pot truffles.Actually truffles are a nice way to take your medicine!.
But being a bit calorie cautious as there are 200 calories in 1 serving of Hershey's Pot of Gold Truffles, Nut Clusters and Caramels Premium Collection.So watch out when having them.

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I try to make several flavored batches at a time and "match" the stuff I roll them in with the type of flavored liqueur. For example, with the Gran Marnie r I use the chocolate decorations with almonds, and Kahlua, powdered cocoa sweetened with powdered sugar. I am sure there are a zillion combination's.

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