Destination: Full

5th Quadrant a Sweet Ride to Gut-Bust-Ville


I love the 5th Quadrant. I really do. I love the beet salad, the fish and chips, the new and exciting beer menu. The booths are great and the various spaces in a fairly small bar provide everything from belly-to-the-bar beer and TV, to outdoor afternoon chilling, to cozy booth grubbin'. I intend to always give this place my business...
What I have to bring to someone's attention is the absolutley appalling service we got last weekend. We sat down and then waited and waited while the server crossed back and forth in front of our booth without a word. We had to call out to the server just to get menus. .
Our server was friendly, and helpful...
BUT We asked for fries and hummus plate to be brought out as apps and everything came out at the same time. My soup was cold. The berry "cobbler" was actually a hot oatmeal/berry mush. The mixed drink was lovely, but in the end, we had to wait even longer to get our check picked up than we had to wait for the menus.
Where in Portland is there BOTH spot on service and grubbin' food? I can never find both in one spot.
Oh 5th Quadrant, my kind neighborhood haunt, please be my dream bar?