La Dolce Vegan

Portobello Proves Vegans Can Do Italian


Vomit on a plate topped with nuts. If you want dysentery, Portobello is the place.
Seriously Kip,I've gotta ask. What is wrong with you?
Num num nummi num. Vegans rule!!!
I think it's a hobby for Kip to write bad reviews of restaurants. I wonder if he's even eaten at all of them?

Same Kip Schoning?:…
My only question would be:how do they make the pasta dough without eggs?

I have to admit that I left a little, no a lot, disappointed. I love the idea of a coffee shop turned into fine [vegan!] dining, however, the dishes were not quite there yet. I'm hoping that within a few more months it's potential will be reached.
you know, i was actually just hoping for an excuse to grab a fellow earthling by the hoof...
I have to wonder, is this the real Kip Schoning, or an angry former tenant who's getting his/her revenge by making obnoxious posts using his name? The more I see of "Kip's" nasty reviews, the less likely it seems that someone would have that much time or energy to pour into so many contemptuous words against so many different restaurants, especially in light of the considerably large slumlord operation he's supposedly running...

Good question! Though I'm not sure what the Portobello pasta recipe is, it's likely to resemble some of the first Italian recipes. There is no evidence of eggs being used in Italian pasta until around the fifteenth century.
You would think that Kip Schoning would spend his time saving a couple of the over 40 properties he currently has in foreclosure but he seems to think that reviewing restaurants is a more productive use of his time as he is doing so on several sites. His real estate "empire" is going tit's up so maybe he is considering a new career as a critic? He sure sucks at real estate.

I don't see how he can afford to eat anywhere that does not have a drive thru... so I suspect this is Schoning's idea of funny. Google him and you can see (among other things) his stand up act and get an idea of what he thinks passes as a "joke".