Travels in Tacoville

The Search for the Perfect Taco: Part Two


Dude? Dude! Dude?!?

You missed covering some of the best and most unique items at these places.

El Brasero is the only place I know of in Portland-proper to get barbacoa de borrego, slow-roasted/braised lamb with spices. You can also get the consomme.

Los Gorditos has possibly the best carne asada in town and they serve it en cebollada -- with nice grilled onions. A great touch. In Mexico it's often served with grilled cebollitas, young spring onions, and this is a good alternative. Though even a hardened carnivore like me enjoys the soyriso nachos.

Morelia used to be better than it is with the new people running it, but I'm glad to see you mentioned the birria de chivo, which you can actually find a lot out in Beaverton/Hillsboro taco trucks. But the best thing about Morelia is their six or so salsas, each one unique and delicious. Best salsa selection in town, possibly.

See here:…
Thanks for the additional input, msg! Sometimes you hit the right things and sometimes you don't. I'm afraid if I sampled every meat from each taco truck I go to, this wouldn't be a part time gig anymore. Happily, you're out there to fill in the gaps our word count creates. Keep it up.
Good fucking grief! Why would I want to sit on a toilet for 2 hours with runny shit? You take your life in your hands eating from a Taco Truck.
"Good grief"? You used this expression twice Lucy...

Kip, We all know from all your other thoughtful "reviews" that you hate all minorities and are 100% zenophobic when it comes to food. Stick to McDonald's. That is if you can afford it now that your real estate empire is going tits up.

Are you threatened by folks who are trying to make a living actually providing a SERVICE for the dollars they collect?
Me wonders if Kip, in all of his xenophobic glory, has ever ventured out of Clackamas county.