Live Butchery and Literary Performance on the Same Plate


I'm sure in starving, third-world countries, they have the exact same problems! Get a fucking life. Instead of obsessing about poor fucking cows and how they're handled and where they come from, why don't you take that energy and focus on aid organizations here and abroad to feed those in need. Not fucking whining about your conscience and fucking meat.
P.Caulfield, here are two reasons why you're an asshole:

1)people can be compassionate about more than one tragedy. We can feel for both the third-world hungry and the brutalized animals that feed America's overconsumption of food.

2)meat production uses an enormous amount of resources--water, grains, land--that could be put to much better use feeding the hungry. So if you're so fucking concerned about the fucking starving third-world, eat a fucking carrot.
i propose that everyone who eats meat can't eat it until they look an animal in the eye and kill it. then let's see how many people can eat meat. everyone thinks the holocaust was fucked up. eating meat is not different.
Oh man, isola, every time I eat meat, it's exactly like killing millions of Jews. A better depiction of eating meat seems unlikely.