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Eating Beyond Macs at Montage


Montage used to be great... then the club crowd discovered it.
that... that was back in the nineties. You're complaining about a place being discovered and ruined for you over ten years ago??

I'm glad Montage is ruined for you. Stay home and eat something out of the freezer. Christ.
"Let's be frank and state up front that Montage is not known as a culinary powerhouse. "
Yeah, let's.

I've seen this place go through many a cycle throughout its years, and really the only difference is whether or not they've got people in the kitchen who give a shit. The menu has never appreciably changed, so all you got is whoever is working the line this month.

Last time I checked, which was probably a year or two ago, and at La Merde, I might add, they seemed to have their usual mix of people who are too drunk to cook, and servers who think they're too cool to serve. COMMENT EDITED: SLANDEROUS CONTENT.
I tried to dine there one evening about two years ago, but it was lined up out the door although there were plenty of seats available inside it just seemed to be lacking servers interested in doing their jobs and seating people. There was however, no lack of a big furry man yelling around just for shits and giggles, I giggled and left......I was back in town this past October and thought maybe I'd try again, no big furry guy this time so I left without giggling.
Ah yes, I had forgotten that it wasn't readily apparent to everyone who went in there in those days that the entire staff had serious drug problems. My bad.
Some servers at the Montage are a prime example of Portland's reputation of having horrible service. I swore I'd never go back after an incident several years ago. I caved and was treated well. I guess I would like a little more consistency. If you haven't tried the bobo, please indulge. Hard to argue with two kinds of gravy!