Danke Großmutter!

The Berlin Inn's German Granny Comfort Food


Going to try it for the 1st time thanks to this article. Sounds like a great dining experience!
Dan Wedin
i love this place. The only decent place to get German food in PDX IMO.
Splendid writing. I am so wanting to try this place...as soon as the buzz dies down from this article.
Excellent write up, highly accurate. Each and every year for the best 8 years I've had my annual holiday brunch at the establishment for around 12-15 friends.

They treat us well, serve us enough quality food in abundance, can feed Portland for a week, and charge us a reasonable per person price. Anyone who hasn't tried this is shortchanging themselves.

Absolutely correct, it's greatness lies with it's modesty and as pointed out when all these high price swanky million dollar establishments fall by the wayside the Inn remains a pillar of restaurant success.

The writer has inspired me to round up my bunch and try a group dinner late spring.
Excellent and highly accurate write up. For the past 8 years I've held winter brunch at this establishment for around 12-15 friends and everything has gone off like clock work all at a reasonable price for a generous amount of food.

If you haven't tried the establishment you must. The writer has inspired me to round up my bunch and have a late spring dinner. Thanks .
My girlfriend and her 3 teenage kids tried to have dinner here on Saturday at 6:00pm in the evening and were very disappointed by the "brush off" treatment we received. Granted, they were busy, although 2 tables left while we were waiting to speak with someone, with no one else waiting. Finally, we were asked if we had reservations (not required, but recommended) and how many in your party. I responded that we were 5 and did not have reservations, she immediately turned us away and said "call next time." Not, it will be an hour, 1/2 hour wait etc. or we're totally booked for the evening, it was a clear rude blow off. Not going to be trying this place any time soon.
Best German food in town, by a long shot.
Also a good place to go with the parents when they come visit. Safe, no surprises, nice comfort food.