Apr 29, 2010 at 4:00 am

David Anderson's Genoa and Accanto


You should have ordered the bread plate at Accanto. $2 instead of $5 and it includes not only the house made focaccia, but rustic bread from little t, delicious baguette and olive oil for dipping!

Excellent advice! I'll keep that in mind when I go back. And I do see myself going back.
Genoa has always been my favorite restaurant. Period. Since the 1970's, I have spent almost every birthday at Genoa. In addition, I would take any opportunity to dine at this wonderful restaurant because of the wonderful menu and service. In 2009, Genoa reopened on my birthday, much to my culinary pleasure. We have dined at Accanto several times since it opened and had delicious, if not delectable, meals and fine service. Genoa and Accanto are a wonderful couplet and I encourage you to dine on both sides of the restaurant.
I find this article misleading. Those prices for the dinner plates at Accanto just don't strike me as very affordable.
$17 for a a meat-based entree is affordable by contemporary dining standards. True you can get a cheaper steak at Saylers or a plate of fried chicken at the Observatory but those are not artisinally produced cuisine. I'm not saying I can afford $17 meals every night, but for dinner out it is reasonable. I wouldn't want to pay less because then I would suspect the product or its treatment was of inferior quality.

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