No-Line Diner

City State Diner Will Be Worth the Inevitable Wait


See this is why we can't have nice things, someone always has to come along and bring in the hordes and ruin it.
not gonna lie, pretty upset there's no review of the milkshake when you went to a diner.
@joe joe

You are absolutely right. It was an oversight on my part. Let me make it up to you:

The milkshake at City State is ample and comes in a throwback glass complete with whipped cream and a delicious wafer cookie. They do right, as well, by bringing the remainder of the shake to the table in the frosted mixing cup. The shake is thick enough, but not too thick to slurp easily through a straw, and in the case of the chocolate, remains just chocolaty enough without being overly sweet.

I've been a few times. Food has been good. But I've got one HUGE FUCKING COMPLIANT!!! They've only got one restroom. When I wake up and start pounding coffee my Gastro-Intestinal Tract decides to revolt, I need to get in there like a hooker with Crohn's Disease. One bathroom just aint cutting it.
Oh there will be a line....eventually. Keep in mind the hipster fuckwads who read this have quite a few other choices, Spints, etc and frankly City State Diner might not be artsy or "Portlandy" for them ( I actually heard that word last night. Resisted urge to pile drive thick rimmed glasses wearing dork that uttered it)