Aloha! Aloha!

Two New Hawaiian Spots Go Head-to-Head


I found Ate-oh-Ate to be ridiculously overpriced. $11 for teriyaki beef, rice and macaroni salad? Really? The beef tasted like beef jerky to boot.
"It's as un-fancy as a space can get" is a train-wreck as an opening to an article. I read this and became immediately enraged. Does the Portland Mercury need someone to donate a thesaurus or you doing that "journalism 101" thing where you are supposed to write as if the audience is in the sixth grade? Where the hell is Patrick?

On the food: I'm from Hawai'i. I don't think I'll check out "Ate-Oh-Ate" for no other reason than it appears you've run a picture of what looks like the tiniest Loco Moco I've ever seen. Also, it costs eleven bucks. Did they grow the rice locally and give it a daily massage? Even on Maui I've never seen that dish for more than seven bucks and shit is expensive there.
@slapmagnit: thesaurus? sounds kinda fancy.