Little Bird, Big Expectations

Rucker's New Bistro Lives up to the Hype


Terrific review and absolutely spot-on. The pork chop...brined and lightly for those days you really want to gnaw on great meat and bone. And the crab/celery root remoulade makes a perfect entree on the other days you can't get enough of your 7-9 serviings of vegs. Duck confit is another hit with the perfect balance of slowly cooked duck and toothy Lentils du Puy. Don't have enough room for dessert? Then be sure to order the Bons Bons plate with its frquently changing selection of several different mini-mouthfuls. You forgot to mention the unbelievable cocktails Jonnie makes at the bar. Ask for a Sidecar made with the Brillet pear brandy. No one makes them better. Kudos to Erik and his LB team. They have risen to the challenge and stepped it up oh-so nicely since opening day. Little Bird is exactly what the downtown area needed.