Grain & Gristle

Far Better Than the Name Suggests


G & G would be my choice every time. It's my favorite new place in town this past year, bar none. You gotta love the creativity that flows in a down economy!
I'd choose the Horse Brass
I'd choose grain and gristle, unless you're like the first couple commenters and you like to eat crap.
G and G is solidly ok but for similar prices within walking distance Tasty n Sons and Podnah's Pit both are excellent. Also not mentioned is G and G's breakfast which has a few hits but is kind of uninspired.
I'd choose G+G over McMenamins any day. The beers are better, and the food isn't even in the same league. You'll probably get better service at a McMenamins though...I don't know what it is (maybe the owner/manager doesn't treat the waitstaff well), but my last experience there was some of the worst service I've ever had anywhere.
@vvon Podnah's is no longer in the space next to G&G if that's what you were thinking. It's now at 16th and Prescott.

As for G&G, the dessert are great and the hamburger (with ground-in-house beef) is spectacular, especially when topped with Ben Bacon.
Too many people in this city act like spoiled brats when it comes to food, and they don't need any encouragement. Don't end your articles with questions that invite the kind of glib comments that offer Portlanders an opportunity to give voice to their inner sarcastic spoiled middle-class child.
G&G is fantastic (& only 3 blocks away!). The salt cod fritters are my favorite order in years. And yes, the fennel salad is new to me, exquisite, and easy to make at home. Here's a good recipe:…
What a poorly written article, sounds like it was written by one of the owners relatives. No real criticism for better or worse. I've been here a few times and while the place is beautiful and the beer list is great, I found the food extremely mediocre and uninspiring. The charcuterie seems very ameteurly executed. I'll go back for beers, but after I've had dinner that is.
This place is beautiful.. but the food is AWFUL. It was the most over priced disgusting meal I've had in Portland. In fact I barely ate it and went right next door to pok pok noi.
Absolutely my favorite restaurant in Portland Oregon. Fresh local produce and free range meats. Great local wine and craft beers.