She's So Unusual

The Worldly Masterpieces of Johanna Ware


Phenominal review. So informative! It has succeeded in all levels to get me there, stat, and often. Thanks, Mr. Onstad, for this.
Not phenominal, or phenomEnal, either. Bloated, indirect, and pretentious, as always. Onstad's reviews succeed at prejudicing me to _dislike_ the places he victimizes with his solipsistic verbal slop.
Spike, really: Indirect? I find it full of facts. Pretentious? Can this be levelled at a review that includes "It is—listen, man—really, really fucking good"? Bloated-- well, I have a feeling he's not paid by the word, so chalk it up to style.

In the meantime, I'm glad I won't be seeing people like you at Smallwares. You would probably bitch about everything, act important, contribute negatively to the ambience, piss and shake your pubes all over the urinal side, etc. So these reviews *are* effective. Later dude!
"LET US SAY the word 'fusion' once, and then tuck all of its wide-eyed alchemy, look-what-I-did, and ambitiously placed peanuts connotations squarely away."

Yeah, sag, that's some really psychotropically direct and once-in-a-career good writing there.
"Wide-eyed alchemy." "Ambitiously placed." ROFLMFAO, and that's just the lede. Stanford stole that cat's money.
Is there any chance in HELL that this "Hood" could get a plain old, good burger, bar, and a poker-machine-or-two kind of place in it?????? A place that the regular working man can afford to pig out at once a week. Jeezus, seems like these people want to turn Freemont into the the Pearl or something!

NEPO Nellie.