Woodlawn's Crown Jewel

Northwestern Cuisine at Firehouse


Ummm, the decades of blight and neglect were removed by the previous owner, who took the building from a run-down POS to a pretty sweet pad. I don't doubt that there was work to be done to turn it into a resturant, but please, don't get too carried away with your "backstory"
Great coverage on a restaurant that DOES get "left out" too often. Nice wine list too IMO
I miss the dump that this building once was. Circa '79 to '86 I live two blocks away. We'd pick up a sixer of Rainer pounders across the street at the Tam O'Shanty, tear the plywood off the firehouse and use it as a pre-show drinking spot. Transportation to Clockwork Joes or the Metro downtown was provided by the # 8 Dekum that stopped a block away. Portland before Portland was cool, which was actually way cooler than a lot of things and people I see in my town these days.