Bollywood Star

Elevating Portland's Indian Offerings


Couldn't agree more with this review. We're thrilled to have Bollywood Theater not too far from our home and it has quickly become a family favorite!
"celebrated local weak spot"

Onstad write goodly.
I'm a no-name retard, whose writing will never be known or cared about by anyone, who always criticizes the same food writer on moronic points. Whom am I?
Nice use of "retard" there, Trike. Very smooth.
I'm wondering if the reviewer went to the same restaurant that I did. The potato samosas were quite good, although the highlight of the meal. When raising the concern of, "Is it "authentic"? It hardly seems to matter", the reviewer answered the question a bit too hastily.

Pork vindaloo answers the question unless Goan food is "Bollywood".

If the rest of the food was as good as the appetizer, it may not matter in the location. Unfortunately, it simply wasn't.
I think it was Woody Allen who said " the food was terrible and there wasn't enough of it." I really wanted to like the food here, but found it totally bland (all the appetizers tasted the same, which was bizarre, and that chicken curry was straight up gross), overpriced, and oddly portioned. However, we did love the decor! And the Pimm's Cup. So there was that...
had the chicken curry, goan shrimp, okra, and beef kati roll...bangin! you'd be a fool not to give this spot a try.
Sadly NE Alberta still does not have an Indian place worth going your money, ignore the hype, eat somewhere where the food has actual flavor.