Aug 2, 2012 at 4:00 am

Cart Profile: Cultured Caveman


Great article! Joe and Heather are genuine, friendly, and energetic-you can't help loving them. They food is just as awesome. I hope they eventually expand to the westside but until then, I'll make the trek from the Beaverton area when I can. My family and I eat a mostly whole food diet using Paleo as our framework. Initially I did it to lose bodyfat but wow, all the positive health benefits were unexpected. My teenage sons decided to transition to Paleo to prepare for wrestling and one of them won the regional title (the other, fairly new to the sport placed 3rd in our district). For the first time, my high schooler didn't "diet" to wrestle at the weight he wanted to. Unexpected benefits came for them too: improved skin, focus, energy, MOOD, and school success (among other things!). My husband joined us and is reaping the same benefits.

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