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Must-Try Northern Specialties at Tarad


I agree with you. The food here is delicious and true to Northern Thai style, and the people working there are the best. I was there on a Friday evening recently, and got panicky because we were just about the only people eating there for most of our meal. This place is too good to drop off the map for lack of custom. Get in there, enjoy some great food, and make sure this place is a well-deserved success!
Great decor to you eyes and great favor to your tastebud. Recommended!!!!!!!
i recommend the wyat gi kum with pearl sauce and also the special fiery Woo hang nuts with exra long noodle. Its really good.
Yeah, this place has become one of my favorite spots. I'm almost torn recommending it: on one hand, I want them to have the success they deserve. On the other, I've seen the late night weekend crowd at Montage and (sometimes) Robo Taco, and that's the last thing I need to deal with here. Oh, and believe me, once they learn about this place, they'll come.

So there you have it. A place too good to share. Try it. And make sure you don't miss the Specials board off to the side.