Unfinished Picture

Redwood Still a Bit Rough Hewn


Music was crap but they had dollar Miller's. Plus we were THE only customers in the place and weren't very hungry, so I obviously can't personally comment on the cuisine.

I miss the Thai joint it replaced.

EDIT - Just notice the pic was taken in the exact same place I was sitting. Trippy.
We were the only customers in the place as well. I thought the entire experience was disappointing. It was like being at a dead party where the caterers had nothing to do since the cook and bartender were just standing around. The food, well, I won't be back. It lacked on so many different levels. They're doing too much wrong. Bring in a chef that knows how to cook a right temperature on a burger. I had 2 on 2 different occasions and both times it was overcooked from medium rare to well. How does that happen. It has potential, but not with who'd running it.