Feb 18, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Broder and Savoy Tavern Introduce a New Portland Classic


Yeah, the vegan burger is a bit sad. The original Savoy veggie burger wasn't much better, as if none of the cooks had actually ever tried eating one.

I'll take your pity.
The Halfway burger though, where they mix half meat with half veggie burger mix, is surprisingly tasty. The one salad I had was underwhelming, but it's off the menu now. But man, i just keep going back for those tasty little burgers.
We here ya, Spaceman! We're currently working on improving the veggie patty in the Wrong Way burger. We'll let everyone know via our FB page once we've nailed the new patty. And trust us, we'll get feedback from vegans and vegetarians alike before we're done!

Thanks for the compliment, Melogna! We love the Half-way as well. Our menu is regularly evolving so we're glad you noticed we've updated the salad options.

-Martin @ All-Way

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