The Great Veggie Burger Caper

Two Comedians Take on Portland's Meatless Burgers


Also disqualified for not being made in-house, but worth consuming: Sweet Hereafter's pretzel burger.
The Leaky Roof's black bean burger is one of the best veggie burgers I've had in Portland, and I believe it's made in house.
My favorite veggie burger is from Brunchbox downtown. Get it with grilled onions. Yep!
My favourite veggie burgers are house made at Nearly Normal's in Corvallis, they're so damn good. When I found them at the grocery store I nearly swooned.
I don't know if it's house-made, but Slowbar/Slowburger has a very good black bean burger.
Very shortsighted and limited article! I believe DC Vegetarian makes their vegan burger patty from their house made seitan. It's hearty, delicious, and my favorite veg burger in Portland. You didn't mention Earth Burgers which makes all their vegan burgers in house and has several kinds of patties. The Slide Inn makes a great vegan burger patty in house. Portobello Vegan Trattoria also makes a delicious beet burger in house. Also, Homegrown Smoker offers a vegan burger, not made in house (Field Roast), but they do lots of creative things with the toppings.
Calm down, Ashley. We wrote 2,000 words on fake meat sandwiches, so if anything it's overly broad and long winded, not shortsighted and limited.
Dear Ashley,
As a Portland native who's been a vegetarian for almost 20 years, I still have not been able to eat every single plant based burger in the city. I am deeply sorry that I let you and the 7 people who liked your comment down. Please forgive me. I personally thought it was really cool to write a pro-veg article that was genuinely funny and not preachy, but you're right; let's go ahead and do super-rude and subjective feedback instead.
Wow, you guys are super defensive at a very tiny amount of criticism. Relax, it wasn't a personal attack.