Kukai Ramen and Rose VL Are Souper

(But Bone Broth? Give Us a F***ing Break.)


That "bone broth" the author was getting may have been served at the Silverado...
You guys realize that the English translation for "tonkotsu" is "pork bone"?? Which means, it's a soup made from pork bones. Therefore: bone broth.
This review of Salt, Fire & Time is bullshit. Funny how just a few months ago, the Merc did an article on the wonderful health benefits of bone broth. For many people who are sick or have digestive issues, this is a healthful solution for them.

As a food writer, it's absolutely fair to give constructive criticism, but to tell someone to go and eat a bag of dicks is just fucked. Your review just makes you sound like a catty, high schooler picking on the new kid. Maybe it's not your cup of tea, but for other people it works for them.

Matter of fact, I'm gonna go grab myself some bone broth today. Not sure if they have the "bag of dicks" special on the board, but if they do I'm getting it!
Miko: you make my point exactly. Bone broth is stock. It is not special. It is soup. I'd rather pay $12 for a big bowl with items in it than $5 for 8 ounces of oily unseasoned mess. Spoon: you enjoy those dicks!
Haha....I'm hoping for chicken dick today.
These reviews are fine. Everyone has the own opinions. Ha VL is probably my favorite restaurant in Portland, I've been hitting up Rose at least once or twice a week since it opened. But, I don't understand why Salt, Fire, Time is included with the two others. It definitely isn't trying to be an option you'd consider if you wanted to go out for soup. It's like throwing a bagel shop into reviews of doughnut shops and complaining the bagels aren't sweet enough.
While you're waiting for your table at Kukai, stroll over to Market of Choice and have a beer at their little tap station. They usually have good stuff.
I agree with Andrea on the bone broth point. If you are sick or have digestive issues, and stock is all you can eat, then by all means have as much as you want. But as an overpriced food trend, it's up there with the "toast bar" as pure hucksterism.