New Deal

Tough Times Need Affordable Local Vodka


As much as I love Vodka I have no idea why I've yet to try New Deal. Once my current bottle of Absolut is gone I'll give it a shot.

Ick. Pun.
There is also an Oregon Bounty event happening tomorrow night at Caprial's Westmoreland Kitchen is a 4-course cocktail pairing dinner featuring none other than New Deal's lovely local spirits and liqueurs... here is a super top-secret preview of the menu...

Course 1: Coconut Soup garnished with Dungeness Crab and Coconut Chili Sambal

Spirit Pairing 1: Lemongrass Basiltini
LOFT lemongrass cello, fresh basil, new deal vodka, touch of hot monkey and a sugared rim

Course 2: Seared Scallops with braised leeks,pears, and ginger

Spirit Pairing 2: Perfect Pear
fresh lemon juice,pear juice, ginger cello, new deal vodka, served over ice

Course 3: Slowly Braised Shortribs with orange and spices

Spirit Pairing 3: Tangerine Star
loft tangerine celo, ginger cello, new deal vodka, star anise syrup, and a touch of orange juice shaken and served up

Course 4: Chocolate Bouchons with House-made citrus ice cream, and dark chocolate sauce

Spirit Pairing 4: Spicy Mocha Monkey
chocolate syrup, hot monkey, new deal vodka, stumptown coffee topped with softly whipped cream

There are a few spots the charming Kat to reserve...503 239 8771