Are Local Whiskey Distillers Ready for Prime Time?

Who's Who and What's What at WhiskeyFest Northwest


i personally like a couple of new deal's vodkas.
Who died and made this Nick Keane an expert. He has shown his ignorance regarding his experience.
First of all Nick, this is a C a n a d i a n whisky. If it is Canadian it must be made in Canada. We do not add sherry, it is aged 6 months in sherry casks after it has been aged 8 years in oak barrels.
To show your ignorance, the Canadian Whisky Journal gave Snake River Stampede 4 stars and said of the tasting by them, " butterscotch, dusty rye, hot white pepper, dark fruits and ginger. Refreshng citric pith and zest. Creamy smooth, then slightly grippy. Spicy Rye".
Snake River Stampede Canadian also scored a high Silver Medal at the San Francisco World Tasting Competition.
So my question is WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW ABOUT WHISKY, when everything you have said is questionable? Your taste buds must be burned out by cigarettes and cheap beer.
I invite you to come out to our tasting facility and do a real blind tasting, if you have the balls.
Robert G. Turner, President
Indio Spirits, Inc.