Jackson Imagery
In the world of takeout, this place is dedicated. In fact, Dogs Dig is takeout only. This may well be due to their space consideration; the "restaurant" itself is basically a recession in a larger brick building along NW Davis in Old Town. I prefer, however, to believe they do it in an effort to be streamlined and efficient. Just as I'm sure their all-vegetarian (vegan on request) menu was wrought on sheer benevolence. It's hard to believe otherwise when you meet anyone working the humble alcove.

The menu is somewhat standard, food-cart-type fare with a focus on the kind of no-frills soup and sandwich combo lunch you'd like to eat most days. They steer clear of the pitfall of the "turkey whatever with chicken whatever soup" and instead offer an aptly named 70% Water Sandwich brimming with fresh veggies like green pepper and cucumber. Along for the ride on the meat-free train is the Tofu You; a harmless, yet tasty cousin to the egg salad heartstopper of yesteryear. This ain't your Daddy's egg salad. Chunky and flavorful, I'd dare him to try it for himself (but only if the tofu content remained undisclosed). Each sandwich is served with yummy fat-free mini pretzels or popcorn.

There's magic in their sides too. With appetizing choices like a simple cup of organic brown rice, fresh pasta salad, or a chunk of artisan bread with olive oil, there's plenty of room for a meal of your own design. Round out your lunch with a cup of homemade bean or vegetable soup and you'll walk away feeling invigorated and light, without being light in the wallet. LC