Tacos Solamenta
21st and Hoyt

Tacos Solamente--the new, cute taco cart on NW 21st across from Cinema 21--is a perfect hangover companion, because the tacos are simple; tangy salsa verde (plus a bevy of marinade additions like orange juice, bay leaves, and garlic) marinated meat on a doubled-up corn tortilla. You have a choice of Pollo (chicken), Carnitas (pork) or Carne Asada (steak), which is actually marinated simply in lime salt and pepper. Sorry, vegetarians... but bean tacos are on the way. Plus, It's refreshing that Taco Solamente set up shop on swank 21st, because it's nice to have a non-froof, non-fusion, cheap food option ($1.75 a taco), enjoyable in the outdoors at the little makeshift table, or just sitting in the park. A key perk of the Solamente cart is ease, but, even better, ease at 2 am. They stay open until bar-closing time, in order to save you from another gruesome trip to Taco Bell. And what else? Yes, that's right, they'll prevent you from having a mind-numbing hangover by absorbing that final, unnecessary vodka tonic. KS

Baan Thai
1924 SW Broadway (Second Floor), 224-THAI

On my most recent visit, I overheard a waiter explaining to a customer that the chef will not make their entrée too mild, as that would upset the balance between sweet, sour, salty, and spicy flavors, which is the essence of Thai cuisine. The speech may have frustrated those customers, but it gave me a culinary hard-on. The Tom Kha coconut soup is a great example of these solid gold principles. It not only balances the four flavor attributes, but also introduces each one with aplomb. I enjoyed the wonderfully fresh cherry tomatoes that lurked within, and the building heat from the dried whole chilies and Thai pepper flakes. When they inform you that "medium" is very hot, don't try to be a superhero. You'll end up with tears streaming down your face. PL

Ed and Company
1505 NE Killingsworth, 331-8520

You can get barbecue (along with catfish, chicken, and other Southern delicacies) Monday through Friday, but on Saturday and Sunday they serve seafood gumbo--and that's it! However, regardless of when you show up, you can't go wrong. The barbecue pork sandwich is heaped tall with tender succulent piggy drenched in a not-too-sweet sauce that goes great with fresh greens (which are never bitter) and dark, rich baked beans. And on the weekends, you get a tub of gumbo that's chock-full of crab, okra, hot sausage, chicken, scallops, gizzard, fish, and rice. And if you choose to soak that soup up with some Wonder Bread? Goddamn! That's good eatin'! WSH