Some Restaurants That Serve

Nutritious and Tasty Food

Java Man Coffee

518 SW Taylor, 279-0298

This is no ordinary Java Man coffee. It's a Russian lunch spot hiding behind the façade of a Java Man coffee. Options are limited to four or five plates, of which I like the tortellini-like Pelmeni the best. Java's Borscht was pretty thin, though there are so many regional takes on beet soup that this may have been deliberate. Crunchy piroshkes would have been excellent had they just come out of the fryer, but even after sitting around awhile they still make a pretty good lunchtime snack. Be on the lookout for the new Korean restaurant hidden inside the Starbucks in Pioneer Square. PL

Fish Trailer

MLK and Fremont, no phone

The other day I was driving up MLK when I yet again saw the gross-looking fish trailer with its spray-painted signs saying, "Bass, Shrimp, Halibut, Catfish, Big Mex Shrimp," and again said to myself, "Who the hell would ever buy fish from that thing?" As I was saying it, it dawned on me that it was my civic duty to buy and eat the fish from the trailer. Let me say this, the trailer is gross. I think the guy that sells the fish lives in it, it's scary and brown inside and the sink was really dripping. The fish is frozen. I bought two pounds of shrimp for $20 (a fair price) and the guy threw in a couple pounds of headless, gutted cod with skin and bones still included. Not a bad deal, but pretty freaky. KS

Good Dog/Bad Dog

708 SW Alder, 222-3410

Sometimes it seems like this town is teeming with vegetarians and vegans. I mean, I can't go five minutes without someone trying to stuff a vegan scone or cookie in my face. But do not distress, the carinivores are out there and they're packed into Good Dog/Bad Dog. Featuring the best sausages in town, on big hearty buns; get a spicy wurst or a mild sausage, and load up your weiner with tangy complimentary saurkraut. They also serve chunky chili, potato salad, and baked beans. Delish. KS