Some Restaurants That Serve

Nutritious and Tasty Food

Salvador Molly's

1523 SW Sunset Blvd, 293-1790

Salvador Molly's offers a plentiful selection of Salvadorian fare in a cheerful, if overly decorated space. The Machaca special I had was friggin' awesome; tasty, salty pork scrambled with a smartly modest amount of egg served with black beans and coconut rice. A great brunch selection. Their jerk chicken tacos were huge and definitely worth a try (they also have an oyster variety), and they also offer an interesting Caesar salad with pickled cactus. If you dare, try the flaming habanero poppers; eat a whole order, and your photograph will be forever immortalized on their "Wall of Flame." Oh yeah, they also do catering, which I imagine would be quite good. KS

Dee's Thai Kitchen

3207 SE Division, 233-9265

Dee's Thai Kitchen is a cute and tiny little space on Division, lit by 20 or 30 100,000-watt bulbs. They serve a great cup of tea with fresh chunks of ginger, and a small list of the usual Thai dishes, which are seemingly catered to the Thai wary diner. Instead of exotic eggplants, rich sauces, or thickly sauced noodles, Dee's Thai uses a lot of cabbage, thin curry sauces, and a modest amount of basil and whatever that spicy/sweet sauce is on the Pad Kee Mao. It wasn't my bag, but a good bet for those who are older or skeptical of Thai fare. KS

My Father's Place

523 SE Grand, 235-5494

Cheap, greasy, salty, satisfying breakfast platters; which can all be served with a healthy, nutritious cocktail starting at 6 am. The corn beef hash ain't bad, and MFP's scrambled eggs with hashbrowns and white toast rival those of any greasy spoon in town. Nightime fare is equally reliable, just make sure it's deep fried. This is a great spot to roll into if you've been up all night; just do your best not to act like a jackass and get cut off. Not that I've ever seen that happen. KS