2390 NE Killingsworth, 493-9521

Grolla is a wine bar, but do not fear. The décor is ornate yet mellow, classy but unpretentious, with big, heavy wooden tables and chairs with shiny fabric covers on them. Grolla offers a ton of great red and white wines, all of which your server can describe in depth. The menu has grown from a limited number of items to a selection of full meals, and there's always something worth eating. The tomato slices with authentic fresh mozzarella and vinegar are splendid, and the salads, cheese tray, and sandwiches are uncomplicated and divine. The Grolla sandwich is also particularly tasty, with turkey and bell peppers on focaccia. KD

Club 21

2035 NE Glisan, 235-5690

Since EJ's closed in, I don't know, 2001, it seems that the rock club's old familiar annex, Club 21, has fallen out of favor. But let me give you a reason to go back: the vodka tonic. Friday night, Club 21 offers the cheapest vodka tonic I've seen in the last five years, and not only is it cheap, it's also fabulous. A big bucket glass with small ice chunks, tons of liquid and a big hunk of lime. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about, and this is the best V&T in town. Plus, if you like bar food with your SPECTACULAR drink, have a greasy/good burger or some fish and chips. I'll see you there. KS


6120 NE Sandy, 284-4942

A two-egg breakfast at Tosis, the breakfast all-day diner, will run you about five bucks, and will be ever-reliably tasty. Lunch and dinner are much the same: both homey, hearty, and great. Their chicken gyro comes with the standard fixings (grilled onions, tomato, cucumber yogurt sauce). Pay an extra buck and you get a huge side of feta cubes, and for another buck or so, soup, salad (try it with the tangy Greek dressing), or fries. For about eight bucks, you can get half a roasted chicken, (or meatloaf, fish, etc.) mashed potatoes, a vegetable, and soup or salad--all of which taste homemade and are absolutely too huge to finish. KS