Good Dog/Bad Dog

708 SW Alder, 222-3410

Sometimes it seems like this town is teeming with vegetarians and vegans. I mean I can't go five minutes without someone trying to stuff a vegan scone or cookie in my face. But do not distress, the carnivores are out there and they're packed into Good Dog/Bad Dog, which features the best sausages in town, on big buns (the best kind!). Get a spicy wurst or a mild sausage, and load up your wiener with tangy complimentary sauerkraut. They also serve chunky chili, potato salad, and baked beans. Awesome. KS

La Parilla

5832 NE Glisan, 236-5575

There are about 20 Platillos (plates) options on La Parilla's fabulous menu, so one doesn't feel confined to simply ordering a burrito. Each of these plates are served with rice and beans, and are authentic, hearty dishes such as Encebollado, Plato Relleno, Tamales, and even Torta de Lengua (chopped tongue, which also comes in burrito form). Parilla's food involves a lot of tomatoey/spicy/soupy complements, which is a great break from the extreme grease that characterizes a lot of Mexican restaurants. The Huevos Rancheros, for example, is served with a couple of well-fried, steaming hot eggs smothered in a spicy bell pepper/tomato mixture, which is a delight to combine with the beans, rice, and corn tortillas while making yourself a mini burrito. KD

Muu Muus

612 NW 21st, 223-8169

Yes, Muu Muus is hip and trendy. But it also has really good food. The house salad is huge, dressed with a tangy vinaigrette (I only mention this because there is such a lack of good salads in this town). The steamed broccoli with tofu white rice and peanut sauce is cheap, somewhat healthy, and really great. The Elmer comes with their famous mashed potatoes, chicken, and a smart, not-too-heavy gravy. It's a homestyle dinner for less than $8. In addition they make tangy drinks with fresh juices and real ginger ale, if that's something you're into. KS