Goose Hollow Inn

1927 SW Jefferson, 228-7010

If you're not a Twin Peaks fan, the One-Armed Man sitings won't mean much. The Goose is a near-perfect neighborhood joint, even though it's not really in a neighborhood. The patio is spacious, with an awning over one corner, 'cause it rains here occasionally. Try the Rueben or Gallo salami and Swiss. Wash it down with anything from Pabst to Fat Tire Amber. Mutton-chop sideburns and flannels die hard here. Go down fightin', kid. PA

Food Front Deli

2375 NW Thurman, 226-5658

Next time you're seeking out soy products at Food Front, don't miss out on their deli selection, a lazy, time-hassled vegan's dream. The sandwiches are huge and delicious, and you can construct your own with either organic meats or yummy tofu varieties. You even have the option of substituting soy cheese for no extra cost! They also have both a cold and hot case that varies day to day, but they almost always have savory dolmas, both vegan and meaty, Asian pancakes, and hearty substitutes for traditionally dairy-laden comfort foods like lasagna squares. The hot case usually has a barbecue theme, with hot corncobs and ribs, mashed potatoes and gravy. Perfect for lunches that cater to everyone's politics! MS


2958 NE Glisan, 232-1504

There are absolutely no gimmicks at the Laurelthirst's breakfast, just a handful of omelet/ scramble options, all of which are very calculated, elegant combinations of ingredients. My favorite, for example, is the tomato/cheddar/bacon combo, which is made with giant chunks of fresh, salty Bacon, melted cheese, and diced tomatoes. Whether you're getting the scramble or the omelet, the eggs are served in a buttery fluff, never too rock-like, and not too rubbery. Also delicious is the cream cheese/avocado/tomato/mushroom combo, which comes with sliced avocado on top of the eggs, rather than mushed up within. For the non-egg-eater, the biscuits and gravy are a winning dish, with gravy as light and fluffy as the best hollandaise, and biscuits that are as flaky and moist as a well-cooked pastry. KD