No Fish, Go Fish

3962 SE Hawthorne, 235-5378

Gimmicks vs. signature dishes; it's what separates the successful restaurants from the ones that never quite get off the ground. The folks at No Fish, Go Fish certainly understand this concept. The No Fish signature dish, a crisp, intricate fish-shaped sandwich, is what sets them apart from the crowd. Modeled after a real Japanese dish, the No Fish people modified the Japanese dough, using a multi-grain corn meal, and changing the traditional filling of beans to a variety of different things--spinach and feta, cream cheese, pepperoni, ham and cheddar, as well as mozzarella and tomato. So instead of finding Nemo, find a No Fish, Go Fish cart downtown, or find yourself at their main restaurant on Hawthorne. SL

Breakfast at Billy Reed's

2808 NE MLK Blvd, 493-8127

Being severely hung over is always a mixed blessing. You've got the splitting headache, nausea, and maybe a newly contracted VD. But, you get to treat yourself to a huge, greasy, and generally unhealthy breakfast. And while eggs and bacon might not cure syphilis, they sure help me with the aforementioned symptoms. One of my favorite hungover breakfast joints has to be Billy Reed's. In the omelet department both the Denver (ham, bell peppers, onion, cheddar cheese) and the apple wood smoked salmon (fish, cream cheese, onions, tomatoes, dill) are recommendable. Other tasties are the steak and eggs, the breakfast burrito, and any of the waffle or French toast dishes. Plus, you can sit outside. SL

La Parrilla

5832 NE Glisan, 246-3417

The peso might not be the strongest currency in the world, and Mexico City might not be the most environmentally friendly. But goddamnit, the cuisine of our neighbors to the South is downright muy bueno. And here in Portland, La Parrilla is one of the best representations of Mexican fare. They have about 20 different dinner plates served with rice and beans; authentic, hearty dishes such as Encebollado, Tortas, Plato Relleno, and Tamales. To boot, La Parrilla dishes are distinct because items like the huevos rancheros come bathed in a spicy tomato sauce that's downright great. Try La Parrilla out, and see for yourself. KD